Biopharm Restiv

Anti Hair Loss Men

Size: 2 x 75 ml

Biopharm Restiv Men Anti-Hair Treatment

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  • RESTIV MEN suitable for people with thin hair problems and those who want to restore hair and scalp, to prevent some hair problems that may occur in the future.
    RESTIV MEN is a double purpose foam-type anti-hair fall product which helps in healthy hair growth. It leads to stronger and healthier hair. It has a hydro-alcoholic base that gives a cooling effect which facilitates the absorption of the ingredients that deal with the main causes of hair fall. 
    RESTIV MEN fights excess sebaceous secretions which is one of the significant causes of hair fall. Tones the scalp, improving the absorption of the ingredients and therefore their effectiveness of the ingredients. Strengthens hair roots, making it more resistant to fall. It contains a vitamin C derivative that potentiates hair growth.
    The main active ingredient Procapil-N contains:
    1. Oleanolic Acid - Slow down the hair loss effect, as with Finasteride, inhibit the activity of 5-alpha reductase, reducing the production of DHT that causes hair follicles to scare Hair fall easily (90% of hair problems caused by DHT);
     2. Apigenin - Promoting strong hair roots and hair thicker. Like minoxidil, it helps to expand blood vessels. Stimulate blood circulation to bring nutrients to nourish the hair roots and hair completely. Makes hair and root stronger, not easy to fall off; 
    3. Biotinyl-GHK - Biotin and protein complex components accelerate the formation of new, stronger hair. Promotes and repairs collagen IV and laminin-5 at the hair root to be more secure and 
    Passed an allergy test from Sederma Institute in France. 
    Easy to use, not sticky. Do not wash.
    It can be used for both men and women.
    Important Ingredients:
    Epigeninolio Anolic Acid Biotin Tripeptide.
    How to Use:
    Shake well before use. Press the diffuser with a foam bottle in an inverted position. Apply the foam (about the size of a 'walnut') on the scalp, whether wet or dry, then massage with fingers until foam covers all the hair. Apply the product once per day.

    Size: 2 x 75ml


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